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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

CABM, Rutgers University (Room 010)

Morning and Afternoon Sessions are open to the Rutgers/UMDNJ Community (flyer)

9:00am Welcome Wah Chiu
Introduction Helen Berman
Validation of X-ray structures overview Gerard Kleywegt
10:00am Break
Overview of Charge/Questions to Committees Cathy Lawson
10:30am Map Validation Session Richard Henderson, Chair
10:30 Richard Henderson 10:45 Niko Grigorieff 11:00 Pawel Penczek

11:15 Steve Ludtke 11:30 Wen Jiang 11:45 Ed Egelman

12:00 Ohad Medalia 12:15 Alasdair Steven
12:30pm Lunch
1:40pm Model Validation Session Andrej Sali, Chair

1:45 Andrej Sali 2:00 Michael Rossmann 2:15 Matt Baker

2:30 Gunnar Schroeder 2:45 Willy Wriggers
3:00pm Coffee Break
3:15pm Additional Presentations, Discussion
5:00pm Meeting Adjourns - Transportation back to the Heldrich
7:00pm Dinner at Soho on George

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Heldrich Hotel (Rooms Neilson and Dickson)

09:00am Presentations and discussions to prepare report for full group
Maps: Room Neilson   Richard Henderson, Chair
Models: Room Dickson  Andrej Sali, Chair
11:45am Lunch
01:00pm Full group discussions of Maps and Models in Room Neilson
03:30pm Full group presentations in Room Neilson
05:00pm Meeting adjourns
07:00pm Dinner at Christopher's (Heldrich Hotel)
revised 27 September 2010